Raw Water Reel System

We make the reel thing

Hymek´s Raw Water Reel systems provide a safe and effective solution for raw water supply on offshore Jack- up vessels. The reel system accommodates a water suction and discharge hose. A raw water pump is attached in the end of the hose and fully supported by the hose alone. This results in a system with high efficiency due to short pull-in time of the pump and reduced maintenance requirements.

Tecnichal Data
SS316L, GRP, Polymer
Drum Capacity
Up to 100 m of dual 3’’, 4’’, 5’’ and 6’’ suction and discharge hose
Electric / Hydraulic
Control Panel
Electric / Hydraulic
Control System
Local/ Wireless/Pendant
Directly from Ringline or a system integrated HPU
Pull Force
2 T
2 rpm
Slip Ring
Roller Chute
For safe lowering and hoisting of hose with pump

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