Hydraulic Power Units

Custom made with a variety of compatibilities

Portable Hydraulic Power Units for industrial and mobile applications. The HPUs are custom made with a variety of pressure and flow ranges, reservoir capacities and fluid compatibilities. The HPUs are supplied in a skid integrated frame and deliver reliable power for hydraulic systems.

Tecnichal Data
Carbon steel or stainless steel frame
Stainles stel hydraulic oil reservoir with level indicator and temperature sensor
Pressure filtration and return line filtration
Driven from an electrical motor / pump unit
Pressure relief valve mounted in each main supply line
Continuous oil circulation system
Local operator panel that provides start/stop control and running indications on motors
High- and high-high-fluid-temperature alarms, Low- and low-low-level tank alarms
Emergency stop mounted on lokal operator panel
HPU skid equipped with four certified lifting eyes
Safe Zone, Zone 1 and Zone 2

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