Hose Loading Stations

We make the reel thing

High quality Hose Loading Stations designed to meet the requirements of the offshore industry with regards to functioning, durability and choice of materials. The Hose Loading Stations are designed for loading and unloading of different liquids / bulks from a Supply Vessel to an offshore installation.

Tecnichal Data
SS316L, GRP, Polymer
Drum Capacity
Up to 100 m of dual 3’’, 4’’, 5’’ and 6’’ suction and discharge hose
Electric / Hydraulic
Control Panel
Electric / Hydraulic
Control System
Local/ Wireless/Pendant
Directly from Ringline or a system integrated HPU
Pull Force
2 T
2 rpm
Slip Ring
Roller Chute
For safe lowering and hoisting of hose with pump

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