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Personal data protection statement for users of the Virix website.

At Virix we are committed to safeguarding all of your personal data that is available via our website and its links to other digital channels. By accessing our digital channels you consent to these terms and conditions.


What personal data?

We may process personal data, such as your name, workplace address and other contact information. Demographic information, such as your age, gender and date of birth. Customer and order-related data such as orders and payment information, permissions data and details that we obtain while providing customer support. System-related data that are generated when you access our digital channels, such as dates, times, operative systems, browsers, IP addresses, screen sizes, etc. Identification and registration data, such as information regarding your identity and passwords that are generated when you access our digital channels.


How are the data collected?

This depends on the digital channels you access and the data you provide or register in connection with our services. You have no obligation to provide us with your personal data. However, many of our services require certain information in order for us to carry out operations such as invoicing or responding to your requests for information.


What are cookies?

We use what are known as ‘cookies’ or information capsules. Cookies help to inform us of how our digital channels are being used, and to assist us in the further development of our website in order to optimise your user experience. Cookies are also used to enable such things as targeted advertising and the monitoring and analysis of traffic data. We use a number of third party companies when we engage in advertising, and these may also access information obtained via cookies.


What are tracking pixels?

We also use tracking pixels, which perform the same function as cookies. Tracking pixels are graphics that we use to track user behaviour. In contrast to cookies, which are stored visibly on the user’s device, tracking pixels are not so clearly visible to website users.


What are our data protection procedures?

We assign high priority to the storage of your personal data. This involves both technical and administrative routines designed to ensure that data do not fall into the wrong hands. We impose strict requirements on our third party companies and subcontractors. However, we are not liable for any defects or failures in these companies’ own data security procedures. 


On the other hand, we are clear that such companies are not permitted use data obtained via our digital channels for any purposes other than those set out in their agreements with Virix. If you suspect that your data have been misused, you can contact our administration department. We reserve the right to release information in response to a legal request by a public authority, as part of a business transfer or during the transfer of services to another company, and in situations where release is necessary in order to meet the objectives set out in this personal data protection statement.


How do we use your personal data?

We use your personal data to enable us to provide our products and services, and when you request information from us. We store information that helps us to meet your requirements as a customer. This includes personal data and any information we need for invoicing and accounting.


We use the personal and other data that we access in order to carry out both direct and indirect marketing activities, such as advertising and the posting of newsletters, via our digital channels. Such information also enables us to make use of analytical tools such as Google Analytics and Facebook.


What are your rights?

We at Virix process information about you for the purposes that are set out in this statement. You are entitled to know the nature of the information that we have on record about you, and you have the right to correct or delete any information held by us. Virix will ask you to renew your consent if changes are made to our terms and conditions.


What are our rights? 

You may only use the content on our digital channels for non-commercial purposes. If you wish to expand the scope of usage, you must obtain consent from Virix. Virix is, under no circumstances whatsoever, liable for losses or damages in connection with the use of our digital channels. Nor is Virix liable for external websites or content. This also entails that Virix can provide no guarantee that files accessed via our channels are always free of viruses, or that they do not contain harmful content.


You understand and accept herewith that you are personally liable for your own use of our digital channels, and that you undertake to compensate any costs that Virix may incur in the event of any misuse of data or information as set out in this personal data protection statement.


Contact us

All enquiries linked to our personal data protection policy and the use of our digital channels can be sent to

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